Fellowship Events

A very prominent aspect of the Lien Ying Chow Legacy Fellowship is its fellows. Together with the programme office, forums and seminars are organised annually that aim to facilitate and promote bonding among fellows and their family members to strengthen friendship and promote intellectual and cultural sharing.

Some of the major events are:

Lien China Development Forum

A biennial high profile summit held in China, where Lien fellows and world renowned scholars and practitioners gather to exchange views on current issues pertaining to China’s development.

Lien International Conference

A biennial academic event held in Singapore, where more than a hundred researchers and scholars from all around the world present their latest research and findings.

China Lien Fellow Speakers Series

A platform for Lien fellows to share their expertise through public lectures. It is organized quarterly.

Lien Fellows Gathering

A get-together organized at least once a year, where fellows and their family members participate in seminar discussions and cultural talks.

Lien Fellows Day

Lien fellows’ own festival. Lien fellows and their family members spared one day from their busy work schedule to come together to engage in discussions on the latest developments between the two countries, and to participate in leisure cultural activities, which aim to build friendships and strengthen bonds among the fellows.